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Vaginal tears during childbirth, also called perineal lacerations or tears, occur when the baby's head is coming through the vaginal opening and is either too large for the vagina to stretch around or the head is a normal size but the vagina doesn't stretch easily.The vagina is a fascinating body part—what it looks likehow it smellseven how it changes over time.It's a sad state of affairs that the number of women optiong for female gentical cosmetic surgery or a labiaplasty has shot up in recent years, indicating mass insecurity about how normal women believe their vaginas to be.A two-year-old girl's mother was concerned that her daughter's vaginal opening appeared to be closed.It can help with body image anxiety.

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The labia are part of the female genitalia ; they are the major externally visible portions of the vulva.

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Clue is on a mission to help you understand your body, periods, ovulation, and so much more.Electronic address: junzo.If you're sending me a dick pic over Bumble, Snapchat or text, think before pushing "send.

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