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How to get hard in 5 seconds and stay hard like a pornstar proven techniques.And when you give guys some anonymity, they admit it.Is it true that a simple change in position can make you orgasm harder than ever before?While the subject of semen may be offensive to some people, plenty of men of all ages have a desire to shoot a bigger load of semen.Those reasons—more intense orgasms, makin' babies—are all pretty predictable.

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Psychologically speaking, however, delayed gratification describes the process of resisting the temptation of an immediate reward in preference for a later, ostensibly more gratifying reward, a notion that some men believe also translates to their ejaculative satisfaction.

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How to cum more: How to produce more sperm and shoot bigger loads of ejaculate.NOTE : If you are searching for the best cum pills for bigger ejaculations then we recommend you check out the top 3 semen enhancers below.We all want to experience those full-body, Earth-shattering orgasms.

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