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A 9-year-old female dog was referred to Azabu University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for dysuria and dyschezia after ovariohysterectomy.Learn more about royalty-free images.Although the heat period is an entirely natural process for female dogs, irritation at stains on the new carpet, fear of an unwanted pregnancy or their pet's strange behaviour can cause many dog owners to worry.Banfield hospitals will close at 4 pm on Wednesday, November 27th and all day on Thursday, November 28th for Thanksgiving.I have a spayed female shih tzu who keeps getting a brown sticky goo around the outside of her vulva only, particularly around the sides and below, but Im not even sure if it's coming from the vagina since there never seems to be anything in that area.It is extremely difficult to separate the various diseases of the vagina, vestibule and vulva into usable categories, often because the anatomical structures are contiguous, are affected by a similar process, and because submission sheets are seldom as specific in describing distribution as they could be.

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Welcome to Bark After Darka series of hilarious but slightly unusual articles we post in the wee hours of the morning for you weirdos night owls.

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Some dog owners find it very difficult to determine the sex of puppies, particularly newbornpups, and often need their veterinarian to sex their puppies for them.During fetal development, the canine external genitalia are initially contiguous with the hindgut, opening at a common cloaca Figure Occasionally, the prolapse continues throughout pregnancy or recurs at parturition.

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